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Garmin Completely Shutdown From Ransomware

Jul 24, 2020 8:09:28 AM


Garmin is a long time and famous sports wearable and navigation company.  Highly respected and long trusted by people around the world.  Garmin is known in the fitness community to be top of the line.

Garmin was hit by ransomware so severely over the last couple of days, that all their customer's watches and smart devices cannot sync.  Garmin's internal business systems are completely down.  Garmin, the company, cannot even answer their corporate phones.

I don't have personal knowledge of the IT teams and the security systems that are in place at Garmin, but I would guess that they have a very competent and sophisticated IT staff with security technology implemented.

The security landscape has changed

Most IT organizations are not prepared to respond to the new ransomware attacks

For all organizations Its not a matter of "if", but rather a matter of "when".  What will it look like for your organization when it happens?  Right now its really important to take a deep look into how your organization is securing itself and how prepared it is for such an attack.


Farzon Almaneih

Written by Farzon Almaneih

Farzon is the owner and founder of One82, a white glove IT service provider in the bay area.